Spartanburg Sports Report

True show of sportsmanship at County Track

Sometimes competition isn’t all about winning.

At Thursday’s final day of the Spartanburg County Track and Field Championships, Dorman’s Eli Buckley injured his hamstring during the 4×100 relay, the first event of the day.

It was a heartbreaking finish for the Cavaliers’ senior, who was among the favorites to win the 100 meters.

When the 100 started, Buckley took his place among the runners. When the gun sounded, he began to walk.

In doing so, he earned a valuable point for Dorman instead of the Cavaliers ending up with a zero in the event.

“There was never a chance I wasn’t going to try to get that point,” Buckley said. “I was going to do whatever I could to help my team. I’m a team kind of guy. It’s really unfortunate that this happened, but God does these things in our lives and we have to come back from them, and this is going to help shape me into who he wants me to be.”

So Buckley walked, and earned his team a point by doing so. And as he came down the stretch, the crowd began to roar. Then the home stands at Broome erupted, as Centurion runner Keyvon Graham walked back down the track, put his arm around Buckley and walked with him to the finish line.

“I saw him get hurt in the 4×100,” Graham said. “He said he was going to run the 100. When I got done with the race, I told him I was going to show good sportsmanship and go help him. It’s just something I wanted to do.”

“I really appreciated him coming over there and walking with me,” Buckley said. “It shows what track is about. We encourage each other, and that really meant a lot to me.”